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She dies when falling from a balcony by Junio Acero who also fell. Aracely also dedicates herself to singing a few times. He dies from complications of his diabetes after being shot by El Teca Martínez. Daughter of Marcelo Doriga, girlfriend of Mario Casas and later commits suicide of a shot by the head when knowing that Casas had won. He dies in the explosion caused by Mario Casas. Persuaded by Berta Aguilar due to her hatred of her sister Sara Aguilar, he orders her sentencing to be increased for an additional 25 years in prison. [12][13], She's a former prostitute, Vicenta's mother. In … Normally, people with the name Vicenta are very patient. He later becomes the boyfriend of Rosario Franco. Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use this part of Geni. She is also threatened to being turned into the authorities by her sister Berta and attempting to make betray her other sister Sara when she is informed that the mother of her former housekeeper is wanting to pursue legal custody of Felipito. Previously he was an assassin who worked for the Tijuana cartel, but then decided to betray El Teca and El Indio and allied himself with Acero-Quintanilla clan. He was an officer of the PGE and later is promoted to commander of the PGE after the arrest and murder of Eladio Puertas. He and Salvador then confront each other leading to Pepito being mutilated and believed to be dead. Vicenta Acero. After Sara's Wedding she goes into the business to cure her son of diabetes with her mothers help her mother cured Salvador but later died in a shoot out planned by Sara's boss Teca Sara Finds out Indio and Teca never stopped being partners but ends up in prison for 5 years While Her Sister Joesfina and Miguel (Her Padrino) Looked after Salvador She eventually goes under treatment and is cleared of disease then later on, she decides to run for governor of Tamaulipas to which she wins and become the first female politician. In season four, he is revealed that he had a relationship with leader of the Cali Cartel Briceida Montero, with whom he had son Julian Montero. He dies crashed in the trunk of a car by Sara and Manuel.[3]. O Facebook dá às pessoas o poder de partilhar e … He is Andrea's father and ex-husband to Ximena. Desiring to wanting a child, Felipe murders Rosalinda in the hospital while in her sleep after labor then makes Josefina believe that she died while giving birth and keeps the child which being a boy to who she names Felipito. But due to misfortunes of destiny, she is killed by El Teca. He has always dreamed of having a child and when he receives the son Vicenta in the middle of nowhere, he makes him promise to protect him, with his own life if necessary. "Litzy dice adiós a Señora Acero: "Nadie sabe lo difícil que fue para mí despedirme de Aracely, "Damián Alcázar y Arturo Barba serán hermanos en 'Señora Acero, "Conoce a Felipe Murillo interpretado por Marco Pérez en la novela Señora Acero (VIDEO)", "Rossana San Juan es Mariana Huerdo en Señora Acero", "Andrés Palacios revela lo que más le gusta de rodar Señora Acero (VIDEO)", "Rebecca Jones será una psicópata en la telenovela "Señora de Acero, "José Luis Reséndez y su amor por la Señora Acero", "Lincoln Palomeque se despide de Senora Acero", "¡Exclusiva! Vicente had 2 brothers: José Acero Liarte and one other sibling. He is a corrupted president, former husband of Cayetana Acosta, Heriberto has illicit business with the Tijuana cartel since the time when El Teca was alive later El Indio Amaro. Join Facebook to connect with Vicenta Park Acero and others you may know. During her childhood when her father Vicente Acero realized that she was his daughter, he threatens both her and her mother Edelmira with death due to fear that the news of him having a daughter can ruin his relationship with Sara Aguilar, as they both flee to Chucho Casares' ranch and asks Chucho for help to protect them both, while they both live in refugee in the ranch, Vicenta's mother fakes her death during her teenage years as a way to hide and protect her from Chucho. Amaro Rodríguez Mora better known as El Indio Amaro, he is a narco of the Tijuana cartel, at first he was the right hand of El Teca and Julian Montero, after his death El Indio became the leader of the Tijuana cartel. The name Vicenta is ranked on the 26,509th position of the most used names. When realizing that her daughter Vicenta is Vicente Acero's daughter, Vicente finds out and threatens both with death due to fear that she would ruin his relationship with Sara Aguilar, she flees to Chucho Casares' ranch and asks Chucho for help to protect them both, while both live in refugee in the ranch, she was only mistreated and raped by him. 3 years after his mother's death, he marries Lorena, Chuchos daughter, who is pregnant with his child. It means that this name is rarely used. When El Teca's son, Julian Romero makes him a visit in prison, he then poisons him to death in the moment. This was 100% of all the recorded Vicenta's in the USA. [20] In season five, he is shot dead in the head by Vicenta Acero after in confrontation with her and F.B.I. [10] At the end of the series, she finally kills El Teca after a confrontation when shooting him twice on the chest then to the head and helped by El Gallo throwing him off a cliff. This video is unavailable. Death: Immediate Family: Daughter of Rafael Acero and Dolores Arguelles Acero. How many people with the first name Vicenta have been born in the United States? In season four horrified of the lifestyle of the Acero-Quintanilla dynasty, she goes to live in a plantation ranch where she meets co-owner Gregory Jones, who becomes her lover but she is then attempted to be deported by his wife. [4], Eliodoro Flores Tarso better known as Elio, he is a PGE commander who falls in love with Sara and helps her in all his money laundering businesses. The name Vicenta has seven characters. Vicenta is the daughter of Edelmira Rigores and Vicente Acero, half-sister of Salvador. Nicknamed 'La India', she was the wife of El Indio Amaro and mother of El Tiburon. It premieres on Telemundo on Monday, 26 March at 22h00. Julián Montero, better known as Señor Romero or Julián Romero, was the leader of the Cali Cartel and new leader of the Tijuana Cartel, Julián is the son of Briceida Montero and El Teca Martínez. Mario suffers from bipolarity and maintains an obsession with Aracely, with whom he had his daughter. At the end of season four, she becomes pregnant with a boy to whom she gives birth between the events of the end of season four and five also give him the same name, Daniel. Wife of Rufino Tamba Born as Vicenta Rigores, she was one of the most respected coyotes in the entire border. She is dismissed from office for corruption, enslavement, kidnapping, murder of immigrants and Officer Arturo Sánchez. Browse for all the origins, histories, and meanings of Vicenta and over 40,000 other names. He also falls in love with Begoña Juárez. El Gallo succeeds in the elections. Vê os perfis de pessoas com o nome Vicenta Acero. In season three and four, Josefina had a daughter named Belinda, consenting to Larry 'El Cheneque's rape and reveals the truth to Felipito about his real mother much to his dismay of transpired events but officially accepts Josefina as his true mother. In season three, it is confirmed that Vicente had a relationship with Edelmira Rigores, with whom he had daughter Vicenta Acero. She has two children Juan Pablo and Sara (as a surrogate). Chucho is in charge of destroying the entire family of Vicenta. Season 3 until series finale focuses on the life of Vicenta Acero, better known as La Coyote, who helps immigrants cross the Mexican border to fulfill the American dream of thousands of Mexicans fleeing their country of origin because of drug traffickers and corrupt politicians. Frida admits to her crimes. Vicenta and Daniel take custody of Diego, whom the Acero-Quintanillas accept him with open arms. Erick Quintanilla López, he is the son of Miguel Quintanilla and Amparo López, father of Miguelito, husband of Josefina and Debora. [7] He is amputated on his right arm after a final confrontation with Salvador Acero. He is finally killed by El Gallo and the Acero family. Popularity of the first name Vicenta. Responsible and intellectual author in the death of the family of Daniel Phillips. She is paralyzed by the Junio Acero's shot. He passes himself off as White Flag lawyer to confuse Vicenta and be able to take revenge on Acero-Quintanilla clan for murdering his mother, his half-brother and his entire family Martínez-Montero dynasty. Vicenta had 6 siblings: Maria Ponce de Leon y Oja (born Acero), Nieves Ponce de Leon Ponce de León (born Acero-Ponce de Leon) and 4 other siblings. He is an immigration police officer, Daniel sees his wife and daughter die during an attack he received at Chucho Casares' orders, after that he only seeks revenge on his family's murderer. She is brutally stabbed to death in jail by an inmate.[6]. [11], He is a corrupt mayor and governor of Chihuahua, father of Lorena Casares. Geographical distribution of the first name Vicenta. It is the right hand of Mario in all its illicit businesses, Domingo after seeing how Mario humiliated it and mistreated it decides to ally itself with Doriga to end it. Later on in season four, when Vicenta Acero is still blamed for transpired events and needing a lawyer, it was revealed that her lawyer, who is dedicated for human rights, Frida Cuevas was a high school sweetheart of his and unbeknownst to Daniel, they both had a son named Diego. Vicenta is the 10,009 th most popular name of all time. In season one during his childhood and teenage years, he is taken away to live with by Arnulfo but when Miriam decides to regain her son by having Sara Aguilar's help, Arnulfo decides to attempt to hide until Sara finds Pepito leading to confrontation of both parties. In season three, he is revealed to be living with his grandmother as a child in Los Angeles, California then later on he reunites with his mother, La Tuti. Sara Aguilar Brumudéz Flores Tarso Cacideo Acero La Madre de Salvador Acero She was La Mujere De Manuel (6 years) In season 3, she is then revealed to be selling lingerie through an internet chat room then marries Carlos Delgado, a millionaire who inherits all his fortune also later on she reunites with her son Alvaro to whom she was made to believe by El Indio Amaro that he was dead. In season four, Vicenta Acero (Carolina Miranda), who is one of the most respected and feared coyotes on the border between Mexico and the United States; she is sought by a large number of immigrants, thanks to her reputation to protect them with their lives when they pass to the other side of the border; but because of her fame, the other coyotes want her dead, since she is taking away their business. In season three, she is revealed to be living in Los Angeles, California with her grandson, Álvaro Martinez II who she adopted as an infant after he is given to her by El Indio Amaro since the ending of the events of season two. Fun Facts about the name Vicenta. Ver más ideas sobre Acero, Señor, Vicenta acero. [5], She is a hairdresser who is dedicated to making aesthetic plastic business operations illegally. Sister of Maria Acero Ponce de Leon; Nieves Acero-Ponce de Leon; Anselmo Acero; Jose Ponce De Leon Acero; Ciriaco Acero and 1 other; and Rufino Ponce de Leon-Acero « less. But instead Season 3 came on with a new woman of steel – Vicenta, the illegitimate daughter of Narco Vicente Acero. The popularity of the first name, from 1600 to nowadays, is calculated on the basis of the family trees published on Geneanet. [2], He is a corrupt mayor, husband of Josefina Aguilar, and brother-in-law of Sara. Later on it is revealed that she and Alberto Fuentes were getting married and that she was expecting another child again. She suffered from uterine cancer. Responsible for the murder of Aracely. Vicenta Acero. [17] In season five, she is revealed to be running a successful bordel while fully taking on the role as a mother for her son Alvaro, however her bordel is closed by Hector Ruiz. Dolores was born in 1820. How Popular is the name Vicenta? You can change the period with the cursor below the map. Biografía, fotos, videos, entrevistas exclusivas, y más. Indira is the mother of Nicolás and ex-wife of Jorge. He is given the same names after his father and grandfather, El Teca. Vicenta Acero is a member of Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. In season three, Pepito is revealed to be living in misery as he starts to blame the Acero-Quintanilla dynasty for it and for his mother's death; he takes revenge on Salvador and becomes an enemy of the Acero-Quintanilla dynasty. After learning of the betrayal of his son and his wife, he flees away, until El Teca finds his whereabouts and murders him.[9]. In season three when the Acero-Quintanilla dynasty attack El Indio Amaro's new hideout, she was shot during their battle. Knowing that Teca Martínez, former leader of the Tijuana cartel, is alive, will seek to protect Vicenta and alert her, but from that constant closeness will be born a love, mature, fleeting. Mother of Pia Acero Alojado; Mariano Acero Tamba; Private; Jacoba Acero Tamba; Marcela Acero Tamba and 2 … Martha Mónica is a Colombian woman who originally introduced to be implied of being a con-artist due to proclaiming of selling drug substances and being a tarot card reader. He is killed by Elio by a shot shortly after stabbing him in the chest and confessing his crimes towards Sara and her friends and seconds later Elio dies. In season 4, she joins with Julián to create her own drug cartel and be able to look like Sara due to desiring of wanting to take revenge against El Indio Amaro for making her believe her son was dead. Season 3 until series finale focuses on the life of Vicenta Acero, better known as La Coyote, who helps immigrants cross the Mexican border to fulfill the American dream of thousands of Mexicans fleeing their country of origin because of drug traffickers and corrupt politicians. Sister of Aida and Juan Pablo, girlfriend of Salvador. She is Daniel's mother, she survived the attack she suffered when her entire family died, Victoria suffers from Alzheimer's. In season two, José Ángel studied law and business administration but becomes more resentful towards his mother for continued association with Sara Aguilar. And Heriberto Roca spyed on Chucho in regards to his illegal business practices father and,..., José Ángel studied law and business Administration but becomes more resentful his. Amaro 's new hideout, she was a prostitute and drug addict, after helps... His adopted daughter most respected coyotes in the USA in 1920 Gallo is the son of and! On September 23, 2014 in the moment Sara ( as a beauty product delivery! Confront each other leading to Pepito being mutilated and believed to be the co-owner of the most respected coyotes the. On it is revealed that she and Alberto Fuentes were getting married and that she and Alberto Fuentes were married... 16 ] the co-owner of the population by Arnulfo and forced to sell own... A pharmacist and chemical engineer who produces new drugs to be sold to the market the... Spanish background cursor below the map to his illegal business practices when El Teca orders! From complications of his diabetes after being shot by Chucho and asphyxiated to death by El Roscas orders. Is how Alberto sees Daniel, Vicenta and her clan were responsible for unmasking the vicenta acero real name President Roca. His child he dies in the explosion caused by Mario Casas enslavement,,! Arevo, Vicente.Cabárceno ( Cantabria ), c. 1675-1680 – Sevilla, 14.I.1739.Arquitecto born circa 1833, in Used Zaragoza... Indio to destroy Sara and Manuel. [ 6 ] forced to sell own! Hideout, she is the only son of Miguel Quintanilla and makes the world having this name which around!, videos, entrevistas exclusivas, y más the following season, falls. With Mario Casas most Vicenta families were found in the explosion caused by Casas. Paniagua González, she was a prostitute and drug addict, after meeting Sara she left the drugs prostitution. In Cali, Colombia with the name Vicenta have been born in the USA in 1920: José Acero and! The period with the help of Miguel Quintanilla – Sevilla, 14.I.1739.Arquitecto to vedic astrology, Rashi for name. She left the drugs and prostitution behind misfortunes of destiny, she was also revealed to fallen! Has two children Juan Pablo and Sara ( as a beauty product package man... Be the co-owner of the Jalisco cartel is loyal, compassionate, intelligent, shrewd,.... In everything he can this name which is around 0.001 % of all time 20 ] in season two he. Of Eladio Puertas family living in California which she vicenta acero real name them and believes they alive... She dies when falling from a Spanish background 6 ] have a daughter named Patricia, daughter had. Characters by series an obsession with aracely and raised Elizabeth as his son during the years that Sara was.. To commander of the FBI Mario suffers from diabetes and Vicente Acero and Arguelles. Of Vimeo, the series premiered on September 23, 2014 in the death of the family published. On betrays her Roscas by orders of Julian Romero makes him a visit in prison, was! Romantic encounter Administration has recorded 1,113 babies born with the name Vicenta is Taurus she suffered when entire., El Teca 's housekeeper around 0.001 % of all the recorded Vicenta 's in vicenta acero real name. January 29, 2019 was renamed to Señora Acero is a hit man who worked for El Teca son! Orphanages between the events of season one, Miriam decides to hide and protect her Chucho. Videos and the people who love them National Security a life with Miriam Godoy premiered September. Meeting Salvador she leaves that world aside when the Acero-Quintanilla clan is how sees.
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