I'm writing to recommend MZ Systems for any of your heating and plumbing needs. Mariusz is extremely knowledgeable and competent and honest. His work is exemplary and I trust his opinion 100%. He has repaired my furnace by installing a new pump with a shut off valve, something the original installers did not provide which caused a big problem with heat distribution in my house. He installed an air conditioning system and actually managed to bring some of the air tubes down to the first floor of my 3 story house. The system was installed on my third floor and was only expected to extend to the second floor. When my hot water heater stopped working, he actually sat on my basement floor and took apart the ignition, cleaned it up and saved me the cost of replacing the entire water heater. Mariusz is an honest, dedicated professional

Deb Sherer

MZ systems is very competitive in terms of price as well as quality.
Mariusz is very knowledgeable, quick, and finds good solutions to questions and problems.
The work feels strong and well thought of.
MZ systems does not sacrifice on quality to give you a good price.

Good luck,