There are three main types of heating systems, recommended and installed by MZ Systems – Radiant Heating, Boilers and HVAC systems.

Radiant Heating

Radiant heat systems warm objects and structures – not the air itself.

The heat produced is very even, and easily spread into carpets, stone and tile. In fact, it is compatible with nearly all floor materials and coverings.

It has many advantages. Because it does not heat the air, there are no blowers or fans. Allergens, dust and particulate are minimized. And there is no freshly-warmed air rising to the ceiling. Instead, radiant systems typically keep heat in rooms’ lower halves.

Further, because the produced heat is in the building (and not in the air) it doesn’t drift out doors and windows,

Steam Boilers

Traditional Steam Boilers use oil or gas to warm water, and then disperse the heat throughout the building.

Like furnaces, boilers utilize ignition, combustion chambers, direct vents, heat exchangers and safety controls. They also are typically stainless steel, though copper-nickel alloys are increasingly used.

They are not typically installed in new homes, or renovation projects – but MZ Systems proudly specializes in steam boiler replacements, and recommends the highest-quality Weil Mclain products.

High- efficiency Boilers

The old image of a boiler, bellowing exhaust up and out a big chimney is very outdated.

Modern high-efficiency systems use simple metal and plastic vents, and pump exhaust gases directly through walls – completely sealed off from internal air.

Their greatest advantage may be operating cost. High-efficiency boilers can earn property owners seasonal saving from 85-95%! (Conventional boilers’ tend toward 55-65%).

MZ Systems specializes in Weil Maclein and NTI Boilers.

Traditional HVAC Systems

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. HVAC systems effectively pump in both cold and hot air, circulate existing air, provide ventilation and maintain pressure in indoor spaces.

MZ Systems installs traditional HVAC Systems (condensing unit, coil, and furnace), with Maytag equipment, and a 12 years warranty.