MZ Systems uses three standard systems for most cooling projects.

The Unico System

A standby for homes and commercial spaces alike, the Unico System is centralized and flexible – and once installed – practically invisible.

They are 1/3 the size of most HVAC systems, quieter, and also provide better, more even and consistent temperature.

The key feature is malleable, adjustable tubing which weaves through existing spaces – minimizing extensive remodeling and reconstruction requirements. The small-duct tubing feeds directly into outlets about the size of a CD (131/50 mm outer/inner diameter). These can be either wood or plastic, and designed and disguised to match nearly any décor.

The Unico System also utilizes large internal coils, which pull air across their large surface area – rather than pushing it around. This provides more efficient control, and nice steady even temperatures (typically less than 2 degrees variation – from floor to ceiling!)

In short, the Unico System preserves aesthetics, and minimizes structural work. It is perfect for older structures. But it also provides consistent, quality indoor comfort wherever installed.

Duct-less Mini Split Systems

Like peace and quiet? These systems move noisier parts (namely compressors and condensers) outside, eliminating attic and basement units and bulky pipes. They utilize thin copper tubing which channels air discreetly indoors and distributes it quietly and evenly throughout interior space.

Perhaps most impressively, the system works in reverse in the winter. It absorbs external heat and pumps it back in! The result is efficient year-round cooling and heating, in practically every climate.

Duct-less Mini Split Systems are available in many configurations, and are relatively easy to install.

Traditional HVAC Systems

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. HVAC systems effectively pump in both cold and hot air, circulate existing air, provide ventilation and maintain pressure in indoor spaces.

MZ Systems installs traditional HVAC Systems (condensing unit, coil, and furnace), with Maytag equipment, and a 12-year warranty.