About us

Mariusz, Licensed Plumber
Licensed Heating and Air-Conditioning Specialist
President / owner

Mariusz received his engineering degree in Plumbing and HVAC at Construction and Technology College in Warsaw, Poland. His priority was to get practical and technical knowledge with attention to detail, to jumpstart his carrier in 1989. He has been practicing ever since, and in the process became the youngest Project Director of Skyscrapers and Commercial Development in Warsaw. When he graduated as an honor student, he was already a well-established professional, working with one of the biggest developing firms in his home country.
His story doesn’t stop there-at the age of 25; he established his own business in the Chicago Land Area. His company combines a unique blend of Mariusz’s beliefs- quality, professionalism and profound knowledge. He focuses on challenging projects requiring custom solutions, so he becomes expert in both plumbing and mechanical fields of Construction business.
By continuously mastering his skills, taking years of extra training and acquiring professional certificates and licenses, he proudly serves clients for over two decades!

MZ Systems offers a full spectrum of services associated with Plumbing, Heating and Air-Conditioning. We rise amongst very few companies that provide such wide area of expertise.

In nearly two decades of operation, MZ Systems has never encountered a challenge it could not rise above.

We design, build, create, repair and revitalize - where others flee, run, shun or shrug.

We assemble and engineer the complex and sophisticated. We renovate aged classic structures hemmed in by tight zoning and historical regulations. We remodel and re-engineer existing systems, improving them along the way. And we embrace the most innovative available technology. No challenge is too great.

The underlying foundation of our company lies not only in satisfying our costumers’ needs, but most importantly - in taking into consideration your best interest. Top quality is our habit by any means.
We proud ourselves in doing the job right at the first attempt, because we understand the importance of cost effectiveness in our business.
MZ Systems values their clients and their relationship with us. That is why 95% of our projects are a result of client referrals.

Lifestyle, preferences and expectations of our customers deeply reflect on our company’s vision.

We believe in building the best for Chicago. We specialize in modern, eco-friendly systems, and are fully licensed and certified by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Residential properties comprise most MZ Systems projects. We have also worked with bakeries and breweries, health clubs and retail spaces. We work easily and closely with architects, building and construction companies, designers, developers, homeowners, and local associations. MZ Systems also consults for industry manufacturers.

Add it all up, and you have a locally focused firm that has handled thousands of jobs – reliably and responsibly - without a single complaint.

We live and work in the Northshore Chicagoland area; a sphere of influence including Evanston, Glencoe, Glenview, Highland Park, Kenilworth, Northbrook, Northfield, Skokie, Wilmette and Winnetka.

MZ Systems proudly remains family-owned and operated.